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All, Actuator Systems(1), Autonomous Vehicles(1), Bioelectronics(3), biomedical, sustainability and others(1), Circuits(1), Communications and Networking(1), computer engineering(1), Control Engineering(1), Control Systems(1), Cyberphysical Systems(1), Electromagnetics(1), Electronics(1), Embedded Computing(1), Engineering Technology(1), Flexible Electronics(1), Integrated micro/nano-systems(1), Integrated Sensors(1), Internet of Things(1), Medical Image Analysis(1), Micro/Nano Electronics(1), Nanocharacterization(1), Nanoengineering(1), Nanofabrication(1), Nanotechnology(1), Neuroscience(1), Optics(2) ...more...
Colorado State University, Menoni Research Group- ECE Department
  1. [POSTDOC1] Postdoctoral position in Advanced thin film laboratory
Cornell University, Cornell NanoScale Facility
  1. [LITHRA] Advanced Lithography Research Associate (offers accepted)

(2 positions listed)