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All, Creative Writing(1), Education(1), Humanities(4)
Cornell University, Society for the Humanities
  1. [SHUMFELLOWS] Society for the Humanities Fellowships 2021-22 (deadline 2020/10/01 11:59PM)
Mabelle McLeod Lewis Memorial Fund, Mabelle McLeod Lewis Memorial Fund
  1. new posting[DISSAWARD] MML Dissertation Completion Award (2021/01/25 11:59PM)
Pomona College, Chau Mellon
  1. [CHAUMELLON2] Fred and Dorothy Chau Postdoctoral Fellowship
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Yale-NUS College, Humanities
  1. [FTLCW] Full-Time Lecturer in Creative Writing
  2. [FTLTHEA] Full-Time Lecturer in Theatre (Educator Track)
  3. [HISAP] Assistant Professor of History (Tenure Track)
  4. [YKHCRS20] Endowed Chair in Comparative Religious Studies

(7 positions listed)

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