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All, 00 Default:Any Field(4), A - General Economics and Teaching(3), Applied Microeconomics(2), B - Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology(1), Behavioral Economics(1), C - Mathematical and Quantitative Methods(1), C1-Econometric and Statistical Methods(1), C9 Design of Experiments(1), D - Microeconomics(1), D03 - Behavioral Economics(1) ...more...
School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
  1. [REGECON] Regional Economist - Senior Extension/Extension Associate - ILR Cornell Buffalo Co-Lab
524 0
McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University
  1. [ECONASSTPROF18] Tenure Track Assistant Professor in the Field of Public Policy
382 0
Social Science Division, Yale-NUS College
  1. new posting[TT_ECON] Assistant Professor Tenure Track, Economics (2018/11/24)

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