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  1. Duke University, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology (2015/09/10)
  2. United States-Israel Educational Foundation, Fulbright Program (1) (2015/04/04) §
  3. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Interdisciplinary - Science and Engineering (2015/04/01)
  4. Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry (2015/03/05)
  5. Stony Brook University, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (2015/03/03)
  6. University of Massachusetts Medical School, Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology (1) (2015/02/12)
  7. University of Massachusetts Medical School, Department of Neurology (2015/02/12)
  8. University of Massachusetts Medical School, Gene Function & Expression (2015/02/12)
  9. University of Massachusetts Medical School, Gene Therapy Center (2015/02/12)
  10. University of Massachusetts Medical School, Human Resources (2015/02/12)
  11. University of Massachusetts Medical School, Program in Molecular Medicine (2015/02/12)
  12. University of Washington, Department of Chemistry (2015/02/11)
  13. Mount Holyoke college, Biochemistry (1) (2015/01/29)
  14. University of Oregon (2015/01/22)
  15. |-  University of Oregon, Department of Biology (1) (2015/01/22)
  16. Benedictine University, Chemistry (2015/01/13)
  17. Brandeis University, Arts and Sciences (2015/01/02)
  18. |-  Brandeis University, Biochemistry Department (2015/01/02)
  19. Georgetown University, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service (2) (2014/12/17)
  20. Yale University, West Campus (2) (2014/12/13)
  21. Georgia State University, School of Public Health (3) (2014/12/06)
  22. Science China Press Ltd. Co., Science China Press Ltd. Co. (2) (2014/12/06)
  23. Mount Sinai Hospital, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (1) (2014/12/03)
  24. Cornell University, Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education (1) (2014/12/02)
  25. Harvard University, BCMP Summer Scholars Program (1) (2014/11/21)
  26. Mount Allison University, Faculty of Science (2) (2014/11/08)
  27. University of Colorado, Boulder, Materials Science and Engineering (1) (2014/10/17)
  28. Hamline University (2014/10/09)
  29. Lehigh University, Biological Sciences (2014/10/08)
  30. Lehigh University, Department of Biological Sciences (2014/10/08)
  31. Lehigh University, Department of Biological Sciences - Prof. of Practice (2014/10/08)
  32. Lehigh University, Dept. of Biological Sciences - Asst. Prof. (2014/10/08)
  33. Lehigh University, Dept. of Biological Sciences - Prof. of Practice (2014/10/08)
  34. University of Notre Dame, College of Science (2014/08/29)
  35. Portland State University, Chemistry/College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (2014/08/28)
  36. Yale-NUS College (2014/08/26)
  37. |-  Yale-NUS College, Science Division (1) (2014/09/30)
  38. |-  Yale-NUS College, Administration (2014/08/26)
  39. Ohio State University, Microbiology (2014/08/22)
  40. Purdue University, Chemistry (2014/08/19)
  41. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Department of Cell Biology (2014/08/14)
  42. San Francisco State University, Biology/CMB (2014/08/06)
  43. University of Pittsburgh, Department of Chemistry (3) (2014/07/23)
  44. University of Washington Tacoma, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (4) (2014/07/11)
  45. Macalester College, 2012/13 Biology/Biochemistry (2014/06/04)
  46. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1) (2014/02/02)
  47. |-  The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Physics (1) (2014/02/02)
  48. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Institute of Physical Chemistry and Center for Computational Sciences (2013/02/24) §
  49. New York University, Division of Basic Sciences (2013/01/11) §
  50. Massachusetts General Hospital, Wellman Center for Photomedicine (2012/11/29)
  51. Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Chemical Engineering (2012/06/15)
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