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All, Abnormal(2), Affective Science, Aging Populations, all areas, including neuroscience(2), Allied social sciences, Anthropology, Behavioral Neuroscience(2), Clinical(3), Clinical Psychology(4), Clinical Science(1), Cognitive(1), Cognitive & Brain Sciences(3), Cognitive Aging(1), Cognitive Development(1), Cognitive Neuroscience(5), Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Biology(1), Communication Sciences(1), Community Health, Community-based Participatory Research, Developmental(3), Developmental Neuroscience(1), Health Psychology(1), Industrial/Organizational(2), Management, Mind Brain & Behavior(1), Neuroscience(2), Organizational Studies, Personality and Social Development(2), psychology(2), School Psychology(1), See job area details at, Social Neuroscience(1), Social Psychology(3), Social Psychology, Personality, and/or Emotion broadly defined(2), Social/Personality(2), Sociology
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Psychology/Sociology, Benedictine University
  1. [ASTPROFCLINPSYCH101714] Assistant Professor (end 2015/12/01)
Psychology/Academic Affairs, California State University, Long Beach
  1. [NEUROSCIENCE] Behavioral Neuroscience/Biological PSY (end 2015/12/01)
729 0
School of Communication, Ohio State University
  1. [COMMSOCMEDIAANALYTICS] Assistant Professor - Social Media Analytics (deadline 2015/10/15, end 2015/12/01)
  2. [COMMSTRATCOMM] Assistant Professor - Strategic Communication (deadline 2015/10/15, end 2015/12/01)
Department of Psychology, National University of Singapore
  1. [ASSTPROFSNRLECTURERLECTURER] Assistant Professors/ Senior Lecturers/ Lecturers (end 2015/12/31)
Psychology, University of Connecticut
  1. [2016017] Postdoctoral Fellow 1, Cognitive Neuroscience (end 2015/12/31)
2206 0
Department of Psychology, Ozyegin University
  1. [PSYCHLGY] Faculty Positions in Psychology at Ozyegin University (end 2016/01/01)
Psychology, University of Hawaii
  1. [APCN] Assistant Professor of Psychology - Cognitive Neuroscience (end 2016/01/06)
  2. [APCSP] Assistant Professor of Psychology-Clinical (end 2016/01/06)
James McKeen Cattell Fund
  1. [CATTELL] James McKeen Cattell Sabbatical Award (end 2016/01/15)
Department of Psychology, Ohio State University
  1. [BRAININJURYBEHAVIOR] Open Faculty Rank (end 2016/01/29)
  2. [WEARY] Open Faculty Rank (Weary endowed chair in social psychology) (end 2016/01/29)
Human Development / College of Liberal Arts, California State University, Long Beach
  1. [2293] Assistant Professor of Human Development (deadline 2015/10/01, end 2016/02/05)
Department of Psychology, Ohio State University
  1. [BRAININJURYANDBEHAVIOR] Open Faculty Rank (filled, deadline 2015/04/30, end 2016/02/28)
382 0
Social Science Division, Yale-NUS College
  1. [PTTF] Psychology Tenure-Track Faculty (end 2016/03/04)
Department of Psychology, University of Oregon
  1. [CLINICALTTF] UO Department of Psychology, (end 2016/03/14)
School of Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology
  1. [ORGPSYCH] Organizational Psychologist (Tenured or Tenure-Track Position) (end 2016/04/02)
Psychology, Brandeis University
  1. [ASSTPROF] Assistant Professor (deadline 2015/11/15, end 2016/04/14)
166 0
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Tacoma
  1. [COGPSYCH] Lecturers in Cognitive Psychology/Research Methods (end 2016/04/14)
Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Boston University
  1. [ASTP] Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychology (deadline 2015/11/01*, end 2016/05/31)
  2. [ASTPTTK] Assistant Professor - Human Cognitive Neuroscience (deadline 2015/11/01*, end 2016/05/31)
  3. new posting[LECT] Lecturer (end 2016/05/31)
Department of Psychology, University of Oregon
  1. [POOLINST2015] Pool Adjunct Instructor (end 2016/06/30)
  2. [RESEARCH2015] Pool Research Assistant, Associate; and, Postdoctoral Research Associate (end 2016/06/30)
Psychology, San Francisco State University
  1. [SPP] Assistant or Associate Professor (deadline 2015/10/13*, end 2016/09/01)
Department of Psychology, University of Oregon
  1. [COGNEURO] Assistant Professor of Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience (end 2016/09/01)
Psychology/Arts & Science, Vanderbilt University
  1. [NSC] Neuroscience Tenured Associate or Tenure-Track Assistant Professor (end 2016/09/01)
Human and Organizational Development, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University
  1. [SCHOOLCOUNSELING15] School Counseling, open rank, practice/clinical or tenure stream (deadline 2015/11/10, end 2016/09/03)
2112 0
Mershon Center for International Security Studies, Ohio State University
  1. [DIR] Director & Professor (end 2016/11/29)

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