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All, Algorithms(7), All areas(4), Applied Math/Optimization, Architecture(3), Architecture and embedded systems(6), Artificial Intelligence(6), artificial intelligence ,(5), Big Data(3), Cloud Computing(4), Cognitive Science(3), Cognitive Systems(4), Compilers(4), Complexity(5), Computational Biology(3), Computational Biology/Bioinformatics(5), Computational Geometry(3), Computational Linguistics(5), Computational Organizational Science(3), Computational Perception(3), computer animation and virtual environments(3), Computer Architecture(4), Computer Games(4), Computer Graphics(3), Computer Science Education(4), computer science theory(3), Computer Vision(6), Cryptography(4), cyber-physical systems(6), Data Mining(5), Data Mining and Information Retrieval(6), Data Processing(3), Databases(5), Distributed Algorithms(3), distributed and embedded systems(4), Distributed Systems(6), Economics and Computation(3), Education(3), Education and game design(5), Emerging Technologies(3), Evolutionary Computing(3), Formal Methods(3), Game Design(3), Game Theory and Economics(3), gaming(3), Graphics(5), Health IT(6), Human-Computer Interaction(5), human-computer-interaction(3), human-systems integration(3), Imaging(3), Information adn Coding Theory(3), Information Retrieval(5), Information security(3), Information Security and Privacy(4), Information Visualization(3), Interaction Design, Languages/Logics/Compilers(5), Learning at Scale(4), Learning Science and Technology(3), Machine Learning(12), modeling and simulation(3), Natural Language Processing(5), network security and privacy(4), Networking(5), Networks(3), Operating Systems(7), Other(6), Probabilistic Reasoning(3), Programming Languages(5), Public Policy, Robotics(8), Scientific Computing(3), Scientific Computing/HPC(6), Scientific Visualization(3), Security(6), Sensor Networks(3), Social Computing(3), Social Networks(4), Social Sciences, Software Engineering(5), Speech Processing(4), Statistics, system security(4), Systems(6), Theory(5), Theory of Computing(4), Ubiquitous Computing(3), Visual Analytics(3)
Computer Science, Tufts University
Institute of Technology, University of Washington Tacoma
  1. [ASSISTANTPROFESSORCSS] Assistant Professor - Computer Science and Systems 2015-2016
  2. [FTLCSS] Full-time Lecturer - Computer Science and Systems (deadline 2015/02/15)

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