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All, All areas(2), all areas of computer engineering, embedded systems, RTOS, hardware, Cloud Computing(1), coastal, Cyberphysical Systems(1), Cybersecurity(1), Embedded Systems, Internet of Things(1), Mobile Computing(1), Software(1), structural, Systems(1)
Computer Science & Engineering, University of Connecticut
  1. [2016219] Assistant/Associate/Full Professor (2 positions), CSE and ECE (end 2016/02/24)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University
  1. [CEASTPROF] Assistant Professor (deadline 2015/12/31, end 2016/03/31)
256 0
Human Language Technology Center of Excellence, Johns Hopkins University
  1. [JHUSUMMER] JHU Summer Positions in Speech and Language Processing (end 2016/04/01)
Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of South Alabama
  1. [CHAIR] Department Chair & Professor (end 2016/04/05)
  2. [ASSTASSOC] Assistant/Associate Professor (end 2016/05/06)
College of Engineering Deans Office, University of South Alabama
  1. [ADGR] Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Affairs (end 2016/05/11)
  2. [ADUG] Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs (end 2016/05/11)
Information Networking Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
  1. [INI] Information Networking Institute Teaching Faculty (end 2016/05/16)
  2. [INIRESEARCHFACULTY] Information Networking Institute Research Faculty (end 2016/06/17)
Human Language Technology Center of Excellence, Johns Hopkins University
  1. [RSEP2016] Research Scientist or Post-doctoral researcher
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis
  1. [CSEFAC] Tenure-track Faculty Position (end 2016/09/01)

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