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MacMillan Center, Yale University
  1. [PDFLITH] Joseph P. Kazickas Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Yale for citizens of Lithuania. (posted 2014/08/30, updated 2014/08/29)
  2. [ESCLATEST] Juris Padegs Research Fellowship at Yale for citizens of Estonia or Latvia (posted 2014/08/30, updated 2014/08/29)
School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  1. [MELLONPOSTDOC] Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship Search (posted 2014/08/05)
Department of History, Yale University
  1. [AP20CCH] Tenure-track assistant professor-20th C Chinese History (posted 2014/06/30, updated 2014/06/12)
Society for the Humanities, Cornell University
  1. [SHUMFELLOWS] Society for the Humanities Fellowships 2015-2016 (posted 2014/06/05, updated 2014/06/03)
Hartley Burr Alexander Chair in the Humanities, Scripps College
  1. [HBA] Hartley Burr Alexander Chair in the Humanities (posted 2014/05/27)
School of International Letters & Cultures (SILC), Arizona State University
  1. [CHILECT] Chinese Lecturer (deadline 2014/05/09, posted 2014/04/10)

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